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Search service

Search Service

Find your The Hague apartment or house with our Full House Search and your personal housing assistant.

Cannot find within our portfolio the property that suits you? Sonar Appartementen in The Hague can help you find your ideal rental house or apartment. With the aid of our full house search service (No cure, no pay), we assess your needs and with the outcome, we will be able to provide you, your project staff, your family, or your company with a house or apartment that is tailored to your specific needs and desires. This way you or your staff can focuss on other priorities. Lets us worry about finding the perfect home for you!

What can you expect from Sonar Appartementen’s full house search?

Sonar Appartementen will ask you for your specific needs and desires for your new The Hague based house or apartment. This interview can take place in our office, via the telephone, or through e-mail contact, and will typically include questions about:
- Number of adults, children, beds, children beds, baby beds and bedrooms
- Bed sizes
- Number of bathrooms and need for bath tub(s), shower(s), sauna, or other facilities
- Open or closed kitchen
- Wooden floors, tiles or carpet
- Size (square metres)
- Location
- Price range
- Closed or open Parkingspaces
- Parking permit needed or not
- Garden
- Terrace
- Classic or modern interior
- Classic or modern building
- Stairs/elevator
- Pets
- Public transport nearby
- Distance to your work
- Including or excluding utilities (gas, electricity, water, wireless internet etc.)
- Shopping facilities nearby
- Schools nearby
- Fireplace
- View
- Starting date and length of stay

What do we do with this information?

With the information we obtain from you, we will start our hunt for your ideal apartment or house, using all our available (in)formal networks and utilizing our extensive experience in meeting our customers’ requirements.
You will receive an e-mail with all properties that we have selected for you, for you to choose from.


-Of course you are able to visit the different selected apartments and houses in The Hague at you convinience.
-You can let us know when you would like to view the different properties and Sonar Appartementen will organize an efficient tour for you, giving you the opportunity to view the houses and apartments of your liking (Conveniently sent to your email account).
-We will arrange for a chauffeured car that will pick you up and drive you to the different locations and drop you off at your office or hotel afterwards.
-During this viewing tour, your comments will be noted down by your personal housing assistant. He or she can arrange for a new tour, if you are unable to reach an immediate definitive conclusion and wish to explore more possibilities.

Found a house, now what?

-We will not charge you for these tours if we cannot find you your perfect house: no cure, no pay.
-When you have found the house or apartment of your dreams in The Hague, we will handle all negotiations and paperwork for you, as well as taking care of changes you would like to see happening to the house or apartment (such as furniture, upholstery, special services etc.).
-If you happen to find a house or an apartment elsewhere in The Hague, without our assistance, please let us know. We can add this property to our database for the benefit of our future clients. We will also make sure that the rental agency is bona fide and check for you whether this property is actually on the market. Please note that a lot of websites are not up to date, so we can save you a lot of time by ascertaining its availability.

Advantages of Sonar Appartementen


-You will be in the hands of a trusted and experienced company, servicing our clients since 1993. (Please, read our testimonials.)
-Sonar Appartementen will save you a lot of time, energy and agony.
-You will not risk ending up with one of the many unreliable rental agencies in The Hague. We know them all and know who to avoid and who to contact.


-You have one contact person during your stay in The Hague. Sonar Appartementen will solve possible issues with landlords or other estate agents, and will assist you with your paperwork (such as applying for utilities, etc.), if necessary.
-Easy access to information about The Hague through your personal Sonar Appartementen assistant.


-We will double check your contract of lease, delivery of the property, cleanliness of the property and check whether all that has been agreed on, has been followed through.
-We will be present at the check-in and check-out and will make sure your landlord or real estate agent will uphold their made promises.
-Your luggage will be moved by us if needed and you will be driven to your new The Hague apartment or house by one of our chauffeurs.

Extra services

-We can provide several extra services on demand.
-Detailed invoices from only one company.
-Return deposit through Sonar Appartementen.
-End of lease cleaning provided by Sonar Appartementen if necessary (costs for tenant).
-In the event of necessary repairs to the apartment or house, these can be executed by Sonar Appartementen’s trusted and experienced staff.


We can provide tailor-made solutions for any housing challenge for international companies, embassies, local companies and/or individual expats.

Feel welcome!

Please feel free to contact our office and ask for more details and information. Our representative would be delighted to visit you for an introductory meeting to discuss your wishes.

Our office is open every week day and you are always welcome to a freshly made espresso or cappuccino to complement our discussion over the different possibilities.

Roderik Izaks
Managing Director Sonar Appartementen